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Our students are the reason we exist.

it is that simple.

We respect our students because they, like yourself, come to us with a curious mind, seeking to know what they don’t know. We value the opportunity to share our knowledge with people like that and are grateful that after only an hour learning with us our students have wonderful things to say about the Cryptocurrency Primer Course


“You could say I am committed to crypto full time. I'll have to admit, this course structure is so fantastic and easy to learn. With a great presenter who delivered a clear and concise message every module of the course. My website is of the same concept and that is to try and help make crypto less confusing. A real eye opener for me. Cannot thank you enough!”


“I highly recommend the course to anyone who is considering entering into the crypto market but may be nervous about it. It answered many questions that I had and I’m sure that many people have. I rate this course 10/10.”

~ Leanne

“I believe that you should only take part in things in life that you understand and are well-informed in. So prior to this course, I only had limited wisdom about cryptocurrency, therefore I wasn’t going to invest. Now that I have more of an understanding, I can make a more informed decision about how to from here. As a result, I would encourage any friends/family who share with me that they are open to cryptocurrency to take this course so they can gain the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision and minimise risk.”


“I have watched a lot of videos on cryptocurrencies and I have found this presentation to be the best as far as explaining the basics of how the crypto and blockchain space works. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is starting out.”

~ Adam

“It gives an overview of how the system works which takes away the ‘scary’ and ‘unknown’ elements regarding this type of investment.”

~ Brendan

“Great course to give users of cryptocurrency an understanding of the industry and what to look out for. Easy to navigate, perfect length and I have more confidence in my understanding now after completing the course.”

~ Ze

“I recommend this course because it gives you an understanding of cryptocurrency, why it is here and what it is used for. It points you in the right direction on where to start if it is something you want to get into. It also makes you aware of the risks involved that you may not have thought about before.”

~ kristin

“I had absolutely no understanding of what cryptocurrency/bitcoins etc were or how they worked. The instructor actually made things quite easy to understand - it’s concise and very clearly explained. The mini test at the end of each segment was very helpful, because the explanation followed as to why the answer was correct or incorrect...and repetition is always good. The graphics and videos kept the course entertaining as well. This course is the best introduction and I liked that we were encouraged to keep researching before making decisions.”

~ michael


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