Knowing who to trust is important.


We understand that jumping into the crypto space can be daunting.

It’s critical to do your research in advance in order to make well-informed decisions about cryptocurrencies.

You really do need to look before you leap.

But where do you start? Who can you trust?

Whether you’re seeking an excellent crypto exchange, a legitimate expert on YouTube, a great blogger, podcast or reddit page to follow, or even a reliable crypto news site to catch the latest headlines…sussing out trustworthy crypto resources can be a tricky pick.

This is a sore point for everyone getting started, so to help ease the pain we’re sharing the organisations that we have partnered with and recommend without reservation. From ADCA, the digital commerce industry body that sets out a guideline by which the best exchanges in Australia operate, to some of the best crypto exchanges in Australia, that offer their customers first class platform features and customer service, these are organisations we trust.

And we can confidently say that the feeling is mutual.

Each of these standout organisations has chosen to trust and partner with Everything Crypto Australia for two key reasons:

1.     They value and appreciate the importance of having a basic understanding of the cryptocurrency space before you get started.

2.    They believe that the information you learn in the Cryptocurrency Primer Course establishes that understanding better than anywhere else.

We are proudly partnered with:


ADCA is the industry body that represents Australian businesses participating in the digital economy through blockchain technology. ADCA’s membership totals almost 100 Australian companies and includes large corporates, digital currency exchanges, blockchain-centric start-ups and advisory and consulting organisations. ADCA aims to encourage the responsible adoption of blockchain technology by industry and governments across Australia as a means to drive innovation in service delivery across all sectors of the economy.


One of Australia’s leading digital currency exchanges, Cointree aims to support the widest range of cryptocurrency coins. Founded in 2013, the Melbourne based company has over 60,000 members and transacted over AU$100m worth in digital currencies. The company focuses on making cryptocurrency trading a simple, quick and secure experience. It achieves this by providing learning resources and useful trading tools in everyday language and jargon-free to its members. Cointree is a registered digital currency exchange with AUSTRAC (the Australian Government regulatory and monitoring body for AML/CTF) and ADCA.


Sydney Digital Currency Exchange (SDCE), led by Node lab Pty Ltd, is the largest Digital Currency Exchange in Australia. With more than 360 trading pairs, 130 listed coins and the lowest competitive trading fees, SDCE is expected to become a global leading digital currency exchange. Registered and compliant with industry standards, SDCE is a member of AUSTRAC, ADCA and abides by ASIC (Australia Securities & Investment Commission).


Since 2013, Bit Trade has delivered bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to Australian customers. Today, Bit Trade is the longest-running and leading provider of bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain services in the country. While Bit Trade continues to expand in Australia and overseas, the number one goal remains the same: to make cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies accessible to all. The Bit Trade platform caters to clients with all needs, wants, and budgets - from those just getting started with crypto, to sophisticated investors looking to make their next move.


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