The Cryptocurrency Primer Course


Crypto education that’s clear, concise & sticks to your head.

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As a key building block in your cryptocurrency knowledge, the Cryptocurrency Primer Course covers all of the essentials and dispels the fear, assumptions and misconceptions that are so common regarding the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Engaging and interactive modules followed by quick quiz reviews ensure that your newly acquired crypto knowledge sticks with you for the long term. Accessible via computer or mobile device, this one hour course is a simple and convenient way to learn about cryptocurrencies from a trusted and proven source. And with free, no strings attached access to Module 1: The Evolution of Cryptocurrency you can try before you buy and start building your knowledge base right away!


We help you to understand the essentials.

The Cryptocurrency Primer Course covers everything you need to know about cryptocurrency in 5 easy to follow modules:

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Module 1: The Evolution of Cryptocurrency (free preview)

Module 2: Blockchain Basics

Module 3: Tools of the Trade: Coins, Tokens & ICOs

Module 4: The Role of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Module5: Storing & Safeguarding Your Cryptocurrency 


And you’ll receive your personalised certificate on completion!

Six Reasons to Learn with Us

  1. The Cryptocurrency Primer Course is the only Australian Digital Currency Association (ADCA) endorsed entry-level cryptocurrency education in Australia.

  2. The Cryptocurrency Primer Course is factually correct, easy to understand and takes just one hour to complete online.

  3. Filled with video, animation & knowledge checks, the Cryptocurrency Primer Course is interesting, informative and awards you a certificate on completion.

  4. We’ve had input from and are partnered with some of Australia’s biggest and best exchanges.

  5. Our industry partners recommend the Cryptocurrency Primer Course to their clients to ensure they have a solid understanding of the space in order to make informed decisions in the marketplace.

  6. We invite you to try before you buy. We’re so convinced that you’ll love the Cryptocurrency Primer Course that we’re offering a free preview of Module 1: The Evolution of Cryptocurrency with no obligations. If you decide you’d like to continue, you’ll be invited to purchase the remainder of the course after completing Module 1. Too easy!


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